Leslie Jones Cyber Attack – Her fault?

Leslie Jones
Leslie Jones



Didn’t Ms. Leslie Jones ever hear the advice to “never take a nude photo yourself.”? Be careful what you share, because those images will be out there for eternity.

I love Leslie and I hate the fact that she has been cyber bullied. Yes, it is her right to do whatever she likes with her naked pictures, and nobody has the right to hack into her account. However, you don’t give the enemy the weapons with which to fight you.
If Ms. Jones hadn’t posted those pictures, even, not taken them in the first place, those hateful hackers would only do so much and she would never have been this humiliated. This not a case of blaming the victim per se. The crime rests solely on the bullies. But what, do we tell our children every day? Revenge Porn is out there. Vanessa Williams paid the price too, and so many of our young girls.

Obviously, the problem is more than naked pictures been publicized, to broader issues of hatred of women of color. That been said, severe punishments need to be legislated against anyone who hacks into another person’s account, even more so for cyber bulling and cyber stalking.

Leslie, continue to raise your head high, but no more naked pictures, Ok?

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  • You don’t want to get hacked with nude photos? Don’t take nude photos!

    You don’t want someone to poison your food? Don’t eat other people’s cooking!

    You don’t want to be killed? Stop living!

    See how stupid this sounds? The victims are NOT the ones at fault. It’s the assholes who did it.

    • You are right Sugarrush2009. The hackers are in the wrong. But why help your enemies destroy you, by playing into their hands? I do know that haters are going to hate regardless but when you are a public figure, you don’t do dumb stuff. Haters are looking for ANY thing, to use against you.

      Thanks for the comment by the way. It is appreciated.

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