Muslim Syrian Refugees – What Does Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE Know, That We Don’t?


Muslim Syrian Refugees – What does Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE know, that we don’t?
More than 4.5million refugees from Syria have been accepted by only five countries in the Muslim world – Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt , according to
Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia – the richest gulf countries have accepted zero refugees, why? What do they know, that we in the west, don’t?
Rich countries like Japan, South Korea and Russia also have not taken in any refugees.
The US has spent over $4.1 billion since 2012 in the Syrian Humanitarian Response, in Jordan and Lebanon, and has taken in almost 10,000 refugees. Other western countries like Germany, Greece, Italy etc, have taken in many more. These countries are groaning under the burden of caring for the refugees. The Western world, which the Muslims hate, are caring for them, while their rich brothers don’t want them.
President Joko Widodo of Indonesia, said during the recent World Islamic Economic Forum, that a 2015 Pew study shows that the number Muslims worldwide, will grow by 73% by the year 2050. Muslims are expected to outnumber Christians by 2070. He told his audience that their countries must seek to leverage their “fundamental strength”: a huge and expanding youth population.
The “youth bulge,” seen when infant mortality drops while fertility rates remain high, can indeed boost economies by increasing the number of people available to work, experts agree. But it also can lead to social instability if the masses of working-age youths are unable to find productive jobs.
“The youth bulge can be both a gift and a curse,” said Ragui Assaad, a professor who specializes in labor economics at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs. “You either generate good jobs or a lot of people fall into unemployment, creating the possibility for unrest and frustration.”
When vulnerable young people lack economic opportunities they are especially susceptible to anti-establishment ideology. This could take the form of austere varieties of Islam for disgruntled Muslim youths today and if history is not to be forgotten, as in Syria, Egypt, Tunisia during the Arab Spring.
The western world because of our Judeo-Christian values are helping these Islamic refugees, but seem to be ignorant as to the true agenda of the Islam – world domination by any means. They know our weakness and are exploiting it to the max.
We should help the refugees – in their countries. If Saudi Arabia, their holy country refuses to accept them, other rich gulf countries also refused to accept them, shouldn’t it raise a red flag?
The evidence speaks for itself – Germany and London are under siege, with spikes in rapes and abuse of young girls. This is just the beginning. If the Pew study is to be believed, we would, soon be in the minority, in our own country. When the Muslims dominate, Sharia law will be imposed. That’s the way it’s been since the inception of Islam. Show me ONE country where Muslims dominate and where there is freedom, like we have it in the Christian world.
Let the refugees stay in the countries and fight back, themselves. Or move to their fellow Islamic countries. The Muslims call us the “great Satan” and hate our lifestyle yet come here when they are in trouble. The Islamic world has an agenda and We, in the West, have hidden our heads in the sand, pretending that the Muslims that come here will be assimilated into our culture.
The rich gulf countries have not taken in their brothers for these reasons:
1. Their agenda is to dominate the world – it is in the Koran. It is what their prophet told them to do.
2. Too many brain washed + idle youth = trouble … the Arab spring.
Wake up America!

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