Is Patrice Brown aka #TeacherBae desperate for attention?


Patrice Brown aka #TeacherBae

It seems like Patrice Brown got the attention she wanted, with the type of clothes she wore to work, after her photos went viral. She posed in the classroom wearing snug fitting dresses, tight jeans and T-Shirts.
While some folks say Ms. Brown’s clothes are better suited for Night Clubs than the classroom, others say it’s because she is a curvy black woman, that she has been attacked unjustly. The latter group, defends her rights to wear what she wants.

Though we live a free society, this should not be made into a race issue. Patrice Brown dressed inappropriately for a school environment. She may be a good teacher, but if her students are distracted by her sexy clothes, how would they concentrate on what she was teaching. And what about her colleagues? Why tempt them? Work clothes should not be enticing, period.


“You are addressed by the way you dress.” If you chose to dress like a slut, don’t be astonished when you are treated like one. Patrice Brown’s dressing reeks of desperation, a come-hither for “anything” in pants, with a natural male appendage, that is, I’m assuming she is heterosexual. Dear Ms. Brown, do not be surprised when creeps come after you.
While no one has to wear a sack to work, you can look trendy without resorting to sexy clothes. Michelle Obama does it every day. If these kinds of clothes are what Ms. Brown likes, maybe she should look for another profession like modeling.

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