Teen Rewarded With $6 Million For Fathering A Child With His Teacher

Laura Whitehurst
Laura Whitehurst


A teenage male student who had a baby with his teacher was awarded $6,000,000

“The size of this settlement represents the gravity of the damage done to this young victim and his family and it also highlights the extreme malfeasance and neglect by school officials who turned a blind eye to the criminal conduct of a teacher and failed to protect a student” said Vince Finaldi the attorney for the student.

Mr. Finaldi did not say how much would be his cut from the settlement. Could someone please explain why tax payers have to foot this bill?

This is not the same as when a woman is raped. A sixteen year male old knows what he is doing. Both the teacher and the student are morally bankrupt but the tax payers have to pay for their sexcapades – how nice.

The teacher, Laura Whitehurst, also had sexual contact with three other students. How many millions will those other students get?

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  • I think the self-serving lawyer and his cohorts caused more damage to the student, and the baby in the middle. The teacher deserves what she got. Years down the line, I wish the young man would go back to thank the lawyer setting him up for a big financial mess.

    • Yes, the teacher got what she deserved but the yound man is now filthy rich – that’s not “financial mess” wouldn’t you say?

      • The young may may likely end up in a financial mess years down the line, just like some lottery winners. The lawyer has led him to believe that you can sell your conscience for money… Didn’t they say “come easy go easy”

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